Swim & Dive

Team Policies & Values:

What Lies Behind You and What Lies Before You 

are Tiny Matters Compared to What Lies Within You
                                                                               - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Team Commitment & Core Values:

Respect: You will treat everyone (teammates, coaches, officials, & opponents) with respect.  Everyone is valuable to this team…No one is better than the others.

Team:  While parts of swimming may include individual events, high school swimming is much more of a team sport. In relay events you depend on your teammates and every event (individual & relays) scores points for the team.  As a member of Woodinville Swim & Dive you will be dependable, trustworthy & loyal to your fellow teammates and coaches. We will work together as we strive for success (both in & out of the pool). Win or lose…We do it as a team.  

Humility & Sacrifice: Putting others first without recognition.  Showing consideration for others.  Humility leads to strength not weakness.

A responsible person is accountable for his/her actions and behavior, is dependable and follows through with commitments.  As a member of Falcon swim & dive you will be reliable to yourself, your peers and coaches.

Attitude: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  There will always be challenges in life, and your attitude during these challenging times can truly define you as a person.  Tough times don’t last…But tough people do.

Practice Standards:

You are expected to be at practice; on time:
  • In order for the team to be successful, each team member needs to be at practice daily, be ready to participate with necessary equipment (see below), be on time and be willing to work hard every day. Regular attendance at practice is imperative for team success. 
  • If you know you will be absent from practice, you must notify the head coach, in writing, prior to the absence. If you are sick, please stay home! It is more important that you get better and you not share your bug. Please notify the coach as soon as possible. 
  • Captains are expected to maintain 90% on time attendance.
  • You must attend practice prior to the day of a meet in order to swim in the meet. You are still required to attend the meet even if you are not competing (especially within your 10 day attendance requirement); you will be assigned other duties, unless ill or otherwise discussed prior to the date.
  • Any student absent from school for more than half of the day is not eligible to participate in an athletic activity; practice and or meets (such absences do not include school related activities). Please notify coach immediately. Do not leave it only to a team mate to communicate for you.
  • You are expected to attend all scheduled practices. 
  • All swimmers are expected to listen to coaches and treat all members of the team with respect.

Absences and Tardiness: 
  • Unexcused, can make the difference between JV and Varsity Letter. If tardiness is school related, it will be excused with written notification from Teacher or Parent.

Every swimmer must be eligible to participate: 
  • Athletes must complete registration and receive eligibility “green card” from the athletic office.

School Comes First: 
  • Remember, you are a student first, then an athlete.
  • If you are placed on academic probation you will be expected to come to the pool to do homework/study. You will not be allowed to train with the team or participate in a meet until you are released from probation.
  • Missing 7 days of practice during the season will jeopardize your chances for a PE waiver at the end of the season.

  • All swimmers are expected to train hard everyday, stay focused on swimming and/or diving at all times – keep the drama off the pool deck and away from practice.

Equipment needed:

Our team uses Sylvia’s Swimwear to suit and dress the team. They offer a team discount through our Team Site: order deadline vary's based on season.

  • Practice Suit (Female full piece. Male drag suit encouraged, not required.)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap (team caps are available for purchase with apparel orders). Additional caps will be available upon purchase ($5.00 ea)
  • Appropriate Dry-land clothing and running shoes (when requested)

League Structure; Crown and Crest: 

The KingCo league teams are now a combination of 2A, 3A and 4A within KingCo Athletics. This will make meets more competitive, local and add more meets to the dual meet season; giving more opportunity to make post season qualification times.

Woodinville is a 4A school competing in the Crown League. Other teams in Crown: Juanita, Lake Washington, Inglemoor, Bothell, Interlake, Sammamish, Redmond, Eastlake and Woodinville.

Near the end of the Dual Meet season, a Crown Crest Championship meet will be held to determine a 4A Dual Meet Champion Team

Sportsmanship Standards:

Every athlete on this will abide by the sportsmanship rules that have been set up by the KingCo Athletic Conference. We, as a team, will treat every team with respect and display positive public actions at all times. Any athlete who does not follow these standards will be subjected to the penalties set up by the WIAA. Outward displays of aggression, anger or frustration – such as throwing goggles or towels, yelling in anger, hitting or punching any object will result in immediate suspension for a minimum of one day and a maximum of the season.

Academic Responsibilities:

  • Academics are imperative to your success, both as an athlete and student. School comes first – DO YOUR WORK!!! Colleges will not look at or even consider a student for an athletic program who is not taking their education seriously.
  • You are required to maintain a passing grade in 5 out of 6 classes.
  • To meet KingCo scholarship standards you must have a 3.5 or higher. 
  • Students with a 3.5 or higher will be recognized as scholarly athletes at post-season KingCo events.
  • Any senior athlete can apply for the WISCA College Scholarship. Application will be emailed to the team as soon as the application is available. 1 female and 1 male applicant will be granted a scholarship.

WIAA State Attendance Rules:

  • Swimmers must practice the entire practice session with their High School team to be eligible to compete for that team.

  • Schools may not give special treatment or privileges on a regular basis to enable them to participate in non-school athletic activities, such as reduced practice times, special workouts, late arrivals or early dismissals.

Meet Standards:

  • We represent Woodinville High School and will reflect the pride we have in our school and for each other at all times. 
  • Poor sportsmanship is not and will not be tolerated by the league or coaches.
  • To participate in the first meet, each athlete must have at least 10 practices; not missing more than 2 days consecutive with in the required 10.
  • You will be required to be at practice the day before the meet, or you will not be in the meet the following day.
  • All team members will attend meets (whether you are competing or not) unless cleared by head coach, in writing, prior to the meet.
  • Food, will affect your performance – your team is counting on you to do your best.
  • Attend meet warm-ups; 45-60 minutes prior to the start of a meet. Meets usually run a full 2.5 hours. (See Calendar for details).

Varsity Standards:

Varsity Link to Document - CLICK HERE

Transportation & Travel:

  • To Practice:
    • Buses are NOT available. You will be responsible for finding a ride to and from practice. CARPOOL!!!!!
  • To Meets:
    • With-in a 10 mile radius: If our meet location is within a 10 mile radius from WHS, you will be responsible for finding your own ride to the meet location. CARPOOL!!!!! (i.e., Redmond and Juanita). Coaches will not set up carpool schedules due to liability. 
    • Outside a 10 mile radius: Buses will be taken. Unless previously arranged and discussed with head coach. Each team member is expected to ride the bus to the meet. You may travel home with parents, but only with a signed note from your parent or guardian. If you are traveling home with another parent, you must have a note from your parents and the parent taking you.